T Chubaangshi 66 years old hailing from Yisemyong Compound, Mokokchung District is a retired government servant who has been an ardent beekeeper for the last 30 years. He has learnt the art of beekeeping in the year 1974 from Gandhi Ashram, Chuchuyimlang, under Mokokchung district. Since then he has been an ardent bee lover. After the intervention of NBHM in his native village, he has been imparted with both basic and advanced beekeeping trainings along with members of the village beekeeping committee of which he is an active member. Armed with valuable experience and an innate passion for beekeeping, he never hesitates to teach and share his knowledge on bees and beekeeping to interested visitors who visits his homestead apiary. Presently he is keeping 400 bee colonies which fetches him about 1.2 MT of honey per annum. The money earned from sale of honey serves as an additional income for his family. Moreover he is the only beekeeper from engaged in the art of queen rearing and selling nucleus colonies. As by-products of honey he also prepares medicinal drinks which are used effectively in treating ailments such as gastritis, cough, fever, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

      Because of his long experience, he has written and published a useful guidebook on beekeeping in his native dialect (Ao Naga) for the benefit of beginners who wish to take up beekeeping.

(L-R) Shri. Nzanbemo Kikon Team Member NBHM, Shri. T Chubaangshi award winning Beekeeper,  Shri. Obed Quinker Chairman NBHM, Shri. Sentiwapang Aier Additional Secretary & Team Leader NBHM

  • He has been awarded with a citation and memento during the National Conference on held at Guwahati on 22nd May 2013, which was awarded by FICCI and NERAMAC for his remarkable contribution to the beekeeping sector in the State of Nagaland.
  • He has also been awarded the Best Beekeeper from Nagaland on 5th December 2018 during Nagaland Honey Bee Day celebration.
  • Recently he was awarded the Best Keeper from North East under ST category by Tribal Affairs Ministry (TRIFED) on the occasion of the World Honey Bee Day celebrations at Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh on 28th May 2023