About Nagaland Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM)

  • A mission mode programme launched by the government of Nagaland in October 2007 with a vision to create a road map for the promotion and development of beekeeping and honey enterprise. It is the first mission mode programme launched in the country and the forerunner in the beekeeping and honey sector in the North Eastern region of India.
  • NBHM is the State designated agency (SDA) for all beekeeping development programs in Nagaland.
  • Nagaland offers a unique apicultural vantage point due to the existence of an age old beekeeping traditions, abundant bee resources, availability of natural vegetation and ideal agro climatic conditions for bees to thrive.
  • It aims to usher in social, economic and environmental benefits through beekeeping and honey revolution.
  • NBHM echoes the essence of thinking local and promoting local by leveraging on the locally available indigenous bee species.
  • Promoting beekeeping as a livelihood option, creating an empowered population of honey producers through capacity building, skill up gradation and entrepreneurial development programmes.
  • Sensitizing the general populace on importance of saving the honey bees and promoting honey as a healthy and nutritious food choice.
  • Nurturing biodiversity conservation through increased beekeeping activities in the State.
  • Nagaland has the potential to accommodate 22 lakhs bee colonies and produce 10000 MT of honey and 10 MT of beeswax annually. Through the Mission’s interventions the State is currently producing 440 MT of honey. Huge potential is still lying untapped.
  • The mission endeavors to address the core and legitimate goals of obtaining food security through the pollination services of honeybees. Around 33% of the food consumed by humans is dependent on honey bee pollination. Thus beekeeping is vital for enhanced crop productivity and doubling our farmer’s income.
  • Beekeeping as an environmentally friendly activity subscribes to the Sustainable Development (SDG) goals of no poverty, zero hunger, climate action, partnerships to achieve the goal, good health and wellbeing, and gender equality through sustainable beekeeping interventions.
  • NBHM has been working in close partnerships with agriculture and line departments for enhancing crop productivity, livelihood generation, integrated farming, scientific studies and climate change adaptations.

Our Vision

A transformed Nagaland of prosperous people leading sustainable livelihood resulting in peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that has been catalyzed through apiculture, biodiversity conservation, and environmental protection a place where there is happiness everywhere


To create a roadmap for promotion and development of honey and implement programs and policies which are aimed at fulfilling the economic, social and environmental objectives through beekeeping and honey enterprise.

Positioning strategy:

Beekeeping as a natural choice of activity; and honey as a daily food item.
The strategy of the mission is focused on 3 major areas namely
• Capacity Building, Survey & Studies
• Apiculture Development and promotion.
• Industry Service and Marketing

Our Mission

To promote scientific beekeeping management practices and value addition by creating awareness and imparting training for skill and knowledge

Research undertaking to prepare a menu of best practices on all aspects of apiculture

Create production zones by involving all section of people, especially in rural areas

Strategic focus on industrialization and creating linkage with national and international market that is demand driven work with the govt. to evolve policies that strengthens our approach
All these shall be achieved with a participatory approach in a mission mode.